Below is the carefully selected list of all the official members of the Xentoza Stream Team. The members of the stream team have been carefully selected and have to meet specific criteria. The criteria are based on the quality of streams, frequency, consitency. We want Xentoza to represent the finest in Twitch streaming.


Quality is important but its not just about having the nice camara and mic. Its also to do with the quality of the content.


Consistency is key in any profession and its important for all Xentoza members to have this in their streams.


Alot of the Xentoza Stream Team are just “chatting streamers” so we like them to have strong moral principles.

The Stream Team


Perks & Benefits

Being Raided By Team Members

Each Member of the Xentoza Stream team is required to raid another member after their stream.

Access To Our Elite Moderators

If your short on moderators you can borrow one of our elite and highly trained moderators for free.


Discount on Services

Members of the Xentoza Stream team get a discount on our graphic design, web development and emote making services.

Discord Mentions

Every time a member of the Xentoza Stream Team goes lives a notification is sent automatically to the discord.

Access To The Stream Team Discord Channel

A special Text and Coms channel in the Xentoza Discord that only Team members can access and talk in.

Direct Access To Our Tech Team

Having problems with some software or equipment? Gain direct access to our tech support team to help you with any issues you might have ASAP

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