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XENTOZA Twitch Course

“Get enrolled today and start learning how to better

capitalize and connect with your audience.”

What’s the course is about?

In a nutshell, I will show you how to create a decent looking Twitch Profile, set up the streaming software needed and show you how to stream on Twitch and start making decent money. Something you could never do by going live on Instagram or Tiktok.

But when becoming a member of the Xentoza course, your not just learning how to stream on Twitch. You are learning how to market and brand yourself. You also become part of a supportive community, a community of influencers and content creators you can collaborate with outside of Twitch. A place where you can help each other grow in all areas of your careers. Develop connections and expand your network of like-minded people.

If it’s one thing I learned from founding the Salty Zombies gaming community is, when people who share a passion for something come together, nothing is impossible. The boundaries of what once couldn’t be done are shattered, and new and amazing opportunities present themselves.

This is a massive part of becoming a member of the Xentoza community. Not just a step by step guide on everything you need to know about streaming on Twitch.


Always Growing…

This course is not static. The content will not be outdated. I always update old subjects and add new information, some of which are not even related to Twitch. As a Strength & Condition coach for most of my life, I want to teach you how to stay fit and healthy. Dr James A. Levine believes that “Sitting down is the new smoking” when it comes to doing things that are bad for your health. So I want to include corrective exercises and stretches in this course to help you counter any postural issue or ache and pains you might get by sitting down and streaming hours on end. Below are some other subjects I am planning on adding to the course:

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Streaming Gear - What to start & what to buy?
All you need in this course is a Laptop with an inbuilt webcam and microphone to start. But as you progress and start earning, you might want to reinvest into your streams. Buying a better microphone, camera or accessories like a stream deck and wifi lights will help you grow your audience and keep them engaged. Soon I will add a guide to the must-haves and the needs of your streaming gear.
Develop & Build Your Own Website
There is one thing influencers always tend to neglect, and that’s the power of a website. Of course, anyone can sign up to Instagram and start uploading photos. But for an influencer to have their own website? Having YourName.com will bring you to a whole other level of professionalism. Later on, in this course, I want to show you how to register your domain name, set up hosting and start building your website. There is only one way to stand out above the rest, and that’s to do what they cant.
Streaming Health & Fitness
As an entrepreneur, I have learned and mastered many things. But my leading trade for most of my life and passion is health & fitness. I was a personal trainer and strength & condition coach for professional fighters for 15 years. I want to make sure you guys stay fit and healthy during your long hours of sitting and streaming. So I will incorporate corrective exercises and stretching routines for you to do before and after streaming.
Course Benefits
  • N New online revenue source
  • N Capitalize better on followers
  • N Grow your social media presence
  • N Learn about branding yourself
  • N Join a community of influencers
  • N Collaborate with other content creators
  • N Expand your network


  • N Computer or laptop
  • N Webcam
  • N Microphone
  • N Decent Internet Connection
  • N Smart Phone (optional)
  • N Ability to hold an conversation

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